The event that kickstarted an entire community to unplug and go portable is back! The Portable Tablist Meet (PTM), an event dedicated to portable turntablism, kicks off their 2nd year with a strong cast of turntablist lifestyle brands and portablism contributors such as: Mixfader, GoPro, and Jesse Dean at NAMM this upcoming weekend in Anaheim,Ca.


The event will feature an open scratch session, battles, and showcases. The first PTM in 2016 was successfully coordinated by Battle Ave, Thud Rumble, and Skratcher at NAMM . This year, the tablist coordinators have partnered with several other community brands to show the masses that the genre of Portablism has grown.

In just 1 year, the PTM sparked a handful of companies and record labels to consider: manufacturing more 7″ vinyl, creating MOD kits, and strapping on a GoPro to hit the streets, forests, monuments, etc for inspirational videos

To find out more info about the location of the event and receive more updates visit their events page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Facebook Events Page:


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