Jesse Dean Designs presents the JDDX2RS Fader for the Numark PT-01 Scratch. We acquired the JDDX2RS a few days before heading out to NAMM and had spent little time on it. Off the bat it felt great! Installing it was a breeze, according to Mike MSA, while I stood in the background like fixture. Check previous posts… I am not hands on 🙂

The feel and texture is the same as the full sized pocket fader (JDDX2R). So you already know the quality and effectiveness of this new replacement fader. I personally don’t like the short throw on the PT-01 Scratch, but this is the best alternative to the stock Switch that it comes with.



-Dual rail 45mm
-Cuts on BOTH sides.
-Custom engineered No ware fader element.
-Full size fader cap by COOLOR CAPS
-Made in SoCal, USA

The accessibility to scratch at will is great. No set up time with plugging extra cords and carrying a external fader. We flew with it to Los Angeles and scratching on the plane was a breeze. If you’re looking for a set up where you could pick up and go and not really get into the portablism thing, this is your calling. Or if you are a seasoned portablist and want an extra PT to have for group sessions, this is a great add on. Check out Swiftstyle’s first look after the jump.

JDDX2RS available now for pre-order at the Portablist Shop.

One thought on “JDDX2RS PT-01 SCRATCH FADER

  1. If I order one right now through Portablist Shop, will you guys automatically ship it out once you get more in?


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