We’ve seen a few accessories out there that’s related to the portable scene, but nothing has hit the target like Rolling Death Maui did with the “Portablist” pin.

Rolling Death is a creative collective of weirdos making the stuff they want. Working with tattoo art and artists then turning their art into Pins, Patches, Tees etc. Often their collection is influenced heavily by having grown up in Hawaii Nei.



The “Portablist” pin is an ode to the Numark PT-01 and equipped with a Raiden Fader (VVT-MK1). What makes this pin ultra cool are the working parts! You can spin the record platter and click the portable fader! Pin collector or not, this is the perfect piece to have on your jacket or backpack! Available now at the Portablist Shop!

Check out all the other cool designs at RollingDeathMaui.com


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