The Scratch Crate – Nola Bounce Breaks

DJ Yamin (aka Professor Shorthair), Quickie Mart and Tony Skratchere have created the very first New Orleans Bounce Battle Break record! This 7” contains exclusive samples not found anywhere else from NOLA Bounce artists such as 5th Ward Weebie, BJ So Cole and Hasizzle. It also provides all you DJ’s with the classic scratch sounds that you’ve all come to know and love (“Beep, Ahh Yeah, Fresh”). Doubles are advised and get ready to shake dat ass!

Side A contains three scratch sentences full of NOLA Bounce samples, classic scratch phrases and drum breaks.

Side B contains one continuous New Orleans Bounce battle break for DJ’s and Producers alike. – via Superjockrecords

Check out Swiftstyle’s review on Scratch Crate after the jump.

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