Coolor Caps For Your Portable Fader

Coolor Caps have been blessing gear in the studios and clubs for quite sometime now. And now Coolor Caps have expanded over to the portable fader market. Available in a wide variety of colors and in multi-texture (Hard Plastic or Rubber Coated), you will be able to find a Coolor Cap to match your style.  


To be honest I was a late bloomer when it came to using their products. Not until I received my JDD2XR (by Jesse Dean Designs) that I realized how great it was to cut with. For those who are familiar of the size of fader cap on a Raiden Fader, you will notice a size difference. From my experience the Coolor Cap allows you to use less force / movement to cut the sound. Those who have larger hands will find it easier to grip as well.



What I really liked about the Coolor Caps (Scratchcaps) is the straight edged shape, hard texture and it’s light weight body. For some odd reason rounded edges on a fader cap throws me off. Guess it could be that it feels like a worn down fader knob like I had with the Technics SHDJ 1200 mixer… Too soft in my opinion.


Since this write up, I’ve replaced all my stock fader knobs with Coolor Caps and haven’t turned back since. Though I will say this, when I was using the smaller cap of the stock Raiden Fader, it has trained me to use precise fader pinches for accurate sound cuts on the Coolor Cap.

Please check out Coolor Caps and their amazing products.

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