The Rise of The Portable Fader

In this fast growing portable scene, numerous faders have been popping up since the Frisk Fader entered the world. From portablist focused companies to the garage DIY inventors, we are fortunate that they have been contributing to this culture. It is in our nature to evolve and to make things better than what was before us.

There really isn’t a industry standard portable fader out there. Everyone has their own preference on what they like to cut with. Some will say one is better than the other, but again this is due to personal opinions. At the moment there are 2 to 3 portable faders dominating the market and soon to be sharing with perhaps a dozen more. As a fan, this is a golden moment where these amazing products are available to us at any time and numerous tools to add to your portable arsenal.

I recall seeing the Frisk Fader for the very first time and wanted to purchase it. At the time it was only available in Japan on a site that had no english translation. This paused my portable action for a while until the Raiden Fader was released. I look at all the new portable gadgets coming out as a positive gesture. It shows that this culture is here to stay for a while and not just a fad.

Originally this post was to show you guys some of the other portable faders that is out there…. but I ended up preaching the good word from the book of portablist. Anyways, here are a few portable faders I’m sure that you’ll be crossing paths in the near future.

PS: It’s great to pick up all these amazing products to support these start up companies who are dedicating their time and effort to help grow the scene.

PPS: We don’t have full details on some of these portable faders. We will update you all soon.

JDD2XR by Jesse Dean Designs

Availability: Preorder


TRIGGA Portable Fader By DJ Trigga 

Availability: Preorder


UDJ Portable Fader by Lee Chung

Availability: Unkown


The Finger Fader

Availability: Unkown

5 thoughts on “The Rise of The Portable Fader

  1. i heard ritchie rufftone mention this fader saying it is a “both sided” fader. sucks tremendously on the pay no mind attitude of the company!


  2. I’m getting my PT-01 tomorrow and shopping for a fader. I’m a total newbie and was inspired to start by Short-E’s video. I take it the Raiden is the safest bet for a beginner?


      1. Thanks man. I ended up ordering the JD because I don’t even know what side I’m gonna be cutting on! Haha. Can’t wait to get stuck into it though. Loving the portablist movement.


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