Can I Learn How to Scratch on a Portable Scratch Setup? (EMMA SHORT-E)

Studio Scratches & School of Scratch , Emma Short-E, has been providing scratch enthusiasts tutorials, tips and how tos for a minute now. As an advocate for portable scratching, here is her latest video regarding her portable set up.

Here is Emma’s break down:

Main Considerations

  • Portable turntables are currently not designed for scratching – this may change!
  • They are belt driven and are less powerful than turntables normally used for scratching.
  • A lighter touch is required to avoid moving the turntable / fader too hard and also to prevent needle skipping.
  • This can help you develop a greater level of record control.
  • A relaxed, lighter touch can help you in the long run – your scratches can sound better and flow smoothly.
  • The platter is smaller so you have less vinyl surface area to play with and again this can actually be great for record control.
  • Test out if you like scratching before you invest in a professional setup.
  • Lower initial £$ outlay.
  • They feature all the benefits of portablity in a controller sized package but with the feel and sound of real vinyl.
  • If you do decide to stick with scratching and upgrade to a full setup – the portable is a fun option to have for when you want to switch things up.
  • You might find you scratch differently in a fun, relaxed manner.
  • Be patient and relax. Less is more!



For more information please visit Emma Short-E’s website.

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