With Wild Cuts on it’s way, we’ve decided to drop some tips on how to record stand out videos for WC or for any portable adventure. Check out WC 2016 champ Celly below with his winning set.


Let’s start with gear. Everyone’s got a smartphone right? If you don’t… that’s great. Carrier pigeon’s are expensive to maintain too. Smartphones nowadays are equipped with amazing cameras and audio recording. Some tricks to help capture good audio is to have the speaker pointing towards the microphone of your phone. Sometimes positioning the speaker behind the phone captures cleaner audio. You may have to do a few test runs to make sure the audio is balanced and not distorted. Another tip is to use a line in cord like the Rode TRS to TRRS 3.5 mm for clean stereo recording. Link here.

Digital Cameras (GoPro / DSLR / Point & Shoots)

Quality helps. Capturing almost to crystal clear imagery to compliment great audio will most likely put you over some of the competition. Most digital cameras give you the ability to input audio into it’s line in, cancelling out outside noises and that pesky fader clicks.

Another to note is that most of the new point & shoots and GoPros are so compact that you are able to be creative with your angle’s and location shoots. And not to mention with all the accessories for action cameras you’re sure to catch that cliff side scenery.

Check out DJ Chell portable scratch session in  a drifting vehicle below.

Ipad / Laptops

Ipads and laptops are great too. If you don’t mind lugging something a tad larger than a point & shoot. You’re most likely able to record straight into the stock video and audio software and upload your video to the cloud in a snap. Be prepared to bring a external battery pack or have it full charged before you head out to your trek.

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