With the third installment of Wild Cuts on it’s way, we are expecting a heavier turnout for this year’s competition. With the help from this year’s prestige judges (DJ Brace, Celly (2016 WC Champ), Celskiii, Flip Flop, Jose Rodriguez, Killa Jewel, Kurteek, DJ Odilon & Ritchie Ruftone) choices will be made proper. Below are the official rules for WC17.

WILD CUTS (Est. 2015) the world’s first online portable scratch battle. This contest is open to all portable set up and configurations (any portable turntable and portable fader).
Preliminary / Round 1 – March 17-19
(Judging for top 16 March 20-21)
Quarter Final – March 22-26
(Judging for top 8 – March 27-28)
Semi Finals – March 29 – April 2
(Judging for top 4 – April 3 – 4)
Finals – April 5-9
(Final judging – April 10-11)
Announce winner April 12
  • Any portable turntable (ie/ Vestax Handy Trax, Numark PT-01. etc)
  • Any portable fader (ie/ Raiden Fader, Jesse Dean etc)
  • Vinyl only (Scratch samples)
  • Competitor must record their video entry in 1 take (No editing)
  • Videos to be uploaded to Youtube (with directed title and info)
  • No use of effects
  • Beats are provided by the Wild Cuts 2017 Looper (Available on the Tablebeats App abd Tablist.net from the iTunes store)
  • Competitors must upload their 90 seconds videos via Youtube with”Skratcher – Wild Cuts 2017 : Your DJ Name – Round #” for judging.
  • Should you share on Instagram or Facebook hashtag #WildCuts2017 #Skratcher #Portablist
  • Please email SkratcherWildCuts@gmail.com with link to video
JUDGING: (Entries will be scored on the following categories):
  • Musicality (Creative style / flow)
  • Technicality (cleanliness / control)
  • Originality (Phrasing)
Ritchie Ruftone
Killa Jewel
DJ Odilon
Jose Rodriguez
DJ Flip Flop
DJ Brace

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