Mini Innofader Plus

After the whirlwind of NAMM, held last January in LA, it seems like everyone went straight to their office after getting off the plane. Mainly focussing on enhancing the Numark PT-01 Scratch. The new Jesse Dean JDDX2RS was a hit with the portablist attendees. Swapping out the “Switch” with an actual fader. Accustomed to the slide/fade movement, it’s safe to say that most tablists still prefer that style.


The industry scratch standard, Innofader has released their official plug and play fader for the PT-01 Scratch – coining it the Mini Innofader Plus. The Mini Innofader Plus is a box full of adaptors, cables, and plates that offers maximum plug and play compatibility. And of course it’s non contact so it will never pop, crack, fuzz or need cleaning. Another plus… (you see what I did there?) it’s really a plug and play situation. No removing of any capacitors to void your Numark warranty. For those who have already removed their capacitor for the JDDX2RS… have no fear, the Mini Innofader Plus will work with or without it!

Companies like Reck LA has made clean housings to compliment the Mini Innofader Plus. We are proud to announce that we ( will have the jump before all retailers carrying the Mini Innofader Plus!

Click here to order the Mini Innofader Plus at the Portablist Shop.



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