What is one of the most annoying and daunting task when having a portable session? Meeting up with one or two portablists is fine, but adding that fourth wheeler could be cumbersome. Here’s the solution.

On our recent trip to LA, we had the privilege to waste half an hour trying to figure out the daisy chain challenge. I’ve been holding off on purchasing on one of these battery powered line mixers but that last trip had me beat. There are a few portable line mixers out there but the Nady Audio MM-242 stood out from the rest.

Nady MM-242 Specs:

  • Eight mono ¼” inputs with individual volume control and two ¼” outputs with Master Volume Controls.
  • Two modes of operation: In stereo mode, 4 inputs (A1 through A4) are routed to output A, while the other 4 inputs (B1 through B4) are routed to output B. In mono mode, all 8 inputs are summed to both outputs, still with separate master volume control
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction with smooth-turn, ultra-stable pots and high-quality jacks. Compact design is easily portable with 9V battery operation
  • Up to 25dB of gain and professional audio quality: S/N ratio of 95dB and frequency response from 20Hz to 30kHz. Peak LEDs facilitate proper gain adjustment
  • 9VDC powered with either 9V alkaline battery or optional PAD-1 AC/DC external adapter

Check video review after the jump.


Amazon link to buy Nady M-242

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