I know, I know… this is an old topic already, but we’re still getting asked which of the two portables should you pick up. We decided to do this post (officially) so that we can direct you to this link instead of having to repeat ourselves like a skipless sample (you see what I did there?). First of all, if you can get a hold of Vestax Handytrax under $200 USD, by all means get it. Soon enough it’s co-hort will be seen on Ebay close to that range… unless one of the manufacturers sees this hubbub and goes in for the opportunity (Ahem).

Almost 2 years ago I was searching online for info on which of the two would fit my needs. Two years ago the Portablist scene was no where near how it is today. I managed to stumble across producer forums and read that the Handytrax’s sound pick up was better than a PT-01. Scrolled down a few to see trolls asking why would you use a portable to sample. True. Anyways, I decided to go with my gut feeling and picked up the Numark PT-01.

Upon unboxing the PT-01, I noticed that the slipmat was stuck on the platter. You would have to remove it and it’s remaining residue. Aside from that you’re ready for your portable cut adventure. I really liked the shape of it and the real estate to mount your portable fader. Although I did notice that I had to be light with my record hand to prevent skipping.

A few weeks later I picked up the Vestax Handytrax (weeks before the resale value became comparable to Air Yeezys). Like a child with a new action figure, I lined it up next to it’s new brother. The Handytrax was cut ready out of the box (which I liked), and came without a slipmat glued on. It was lighter than the PT-01 and slim enough to fit in my backpack. One of the things I did notice between the two is that the tracking on the Handytrax was slightly better than the PT-01 – though I still prefer the shape and build of the Numark.

To summarize this Numark vs Vestax thing, it all comes down to personal preference and availability. Like mentioned earlier, if you can find a discontinued Handytrax for under $200, pick it up. The Numark is an excellent choice regardless even if it wasn’t your first choice.

Here is the list of pros and cons that we listed previously. Hope this shed some light for those seeking answers.

Numark PT01 Pros

  • Square shape (closer to a reg. set up).
  • Rubber feet helps from sliding.
  • Dust cover / lid quick to lock and unlock.
  • Price is great and is still in production.
  • Raiden Fader fits in with kid / cover is on.
  • Larger space for portable fader to be mounted.

Numark PT01 Cons

  • Tone arm seems lighter and needle feels like it doesn’t lock onto the groove as the Handytrax.
  • Volume out isn’t as loud as the Handytrax.
  • Tone arm lock clip is fragile and can be broken easily.
  • Factory slipmat is glued on out of the box. You’ll have to peel it off and use a Goo Gone type solution to get glue residue off.
  • Handle for carrying is a bit awkward for bigger hands.

Vestax Handytrax Pros

  • Needle locks to groove well and helps from skipping.
  • Sounds a bit crisper than the PT01.
  • Body is slim and fits in most backpacks.
  • Torque feels stronger than the PT01.
  • You don’t have to peel off factory slip mat since it doesn’t come with one.

Vestax Handytrax Cons

  • Shape is a bit longer.
  • No rubber feet for anti sliding.
  • Currently not in production.
  • Expensive


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