Skratcher Wild Cuts 2016 Solo Scratch Round 2

Sixteen now moving on and competing for a spot in the final four! Shouts out to Nikki Duran, Feenlam, Hoeks, Maskler, Bepass, Don Paco, Knockers, Celly, Ninety-Six, J.Marz, RTST, Marvel, DJ Wide, Chell, Illjay2 and HZA on making it to the second round.

Thanks again to all the judges who took their time out from their busy schedule to make this happen. (IQ, Kurteek, Swiftstyle, Chinmachine, Killa Jewel, Short-E, and G-Nius)

Round 2 beat by: Underkut & J Reign

Check out all the entries below!

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