Crosely Messenger

The Crosley Messenger turns analog music into travelouge music with its lightweight body housed in a sturdy shoulder pack.

With battery-powered three-speed spinning and auxiliary input. Use your headphone jack, or share the love with the built-in speakers.



We personally haven’t tested it yet, but have been told that it’s a close resemblance and feel to the Vestax Handytrax. The Messenger retails at $89.95 usd. Not bad considering the ridiculous portable turntable prices right now. Hope to get a proper review for you guys soon.


  • Soft sided carry bag with album pocket
  • Plays 3 Speeds – 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM Records
  • Plays 7″, 10″ & 12″ Records
  • Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism
  • Diamond Stylus Needle
  • Manual Return Tone Arm
  • Dynamic Full Range Speaker
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Headphone Jack
  • Battery Operated
  • Carries 3 full-size albums
  • Durable Hardware



A few days ago we posted up a photo of the Crosley Messenger on our Instagram page. Stating that it’s another alternative to the Numark PT-01 and Vestax Handytrax.

For $79 USD that’s a great deal. However when we received ours we noticed a couple of things that you may have to modify to your scratching standards.

Notable mentions are a lighter tone arm compared to the Numark and Vestax, platter instability and a light weighted body.

If you are looking for a portable turntable to do DIY mods to this is the one for you. However if you’re looking for something that’s an out of the box type then this isn’t the one.

We posted this up before our video review because we didn’t want any of you to pick it up and be disappointed as we were.

Video review by RTST coming soon!

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