The Scratch Crate Episode 8 | Just For Your Trapped Hand

Swiftstyle reviews Beat Squeeze Records “Just For Your Trapped Hand” by Ugly Mac Beer on Episode 8 of Scratch Crate.



Grey Color 7″ Vinyl

Here is the latest record of the essential 7-inch breakbeat series ‘Just For Your Hand’ signed by Ugly Mac Beer, also known as DJ Diess

A vinyl collection dedicated to scratch and its evolutions, with as a cover for this new edition a wink to famous Serge The Rabbit, equipped with his Vestax Handy Trax and his key ring Frisk Fader, a very fashionable accessory in turntablism community.

Take the subway, practice wherever you want and enjoy with a full selection of skip proof and scratch tools made of urban sounds special underground culture.

‘Just For Your Trapped Hand’ is dedicated to all crazy turntablists and fans of nomadic scratch ! ‘Be careful where you put your fingers, you risk pinching yourself very hard’… You’ve been warned !

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