We here at have broken down a list of essential pieces to your portable scratching needs. All the basic needs to create some havoc whether be in the comfort of your living room or at a busy super market.

      1. Portable Turntable: There are a few battery powered portable turntables out there that’s available (optimistic that soon will change) . The Vestax Handytrax (seen in photo) have been sought after but is currently no longer in production. The Numark PT-01 is a great alternative to the Handytrax.
      2. Portable Fader: To cut up your scratch samples you must need a basic fader. There are a few portable faders flooding the market. The Raiden Fader (made in U.S. & as seen in photo), has become one of the industry standard, along with the Frisk Fader (by Fader Lab in Japan) .
      3. 3.5 mm Cables: Depending on which portable fader you own, it will determine which and how many cables you will need. As for the Raiden Fader (point 2 in photo), you will need 3 x 3.5 mm cables. 1 from Raiden input to portable, another cable – Raiden out to portable speaker, and one from your beat source (ie/ mobile device) to the Raiden aux.
      4. 7″ Slip Mat: There are a few slip mat options available in the market right now. The one in the photo shown is Marble Floor by Raiden Fader.
      5. Portable Speaker: There are a lot of portable speakers to choose from. Depending on your budget and preference, you may need to do some research. Pictured here is the Air Raid bluetooth speaker by Skull Candy.
      6. 7″ Scratch Record: Since the interest of portable scratching, 7″ scratch tools have been popping up. Including some popular 12″ scratch tools have been chopped up to a 7″ version. Pictured here is Triad Breaks by Battle Ave, Raiden Fader and Skratcher.

Stay tuned for “The Essentials – Intermediate Portablist Set Up” 

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