Portable Turntable Mods

If you have been following portable DJ feeds, you may have noticed an avalanche of modified custom portable turntables. Anything from Start/Stop switches to on board faders. Functionality is one thing, now we’re seeing custom faces and knobs to coordinate with your sneaker of the day. Whatever your cup of tea may be, it’s interesting to see what everyone has been up to.


My first mod (and probably my last that I’d do on my own) was removing the faceplate of my Numark PT-01 (See faceplate removal tutorial by Flesh One). It wasn’t about what it can do for me, it was just for aesthetics purposes (I like black). A simple task to most but it took me 3 days, 6 hours and blood was everywhere. Though a start/stop switch and ultra pitch is on my wish list, I’ll need a pro to have it done.


Screen shot 2016-07-07 at 1.41.11 PM

Portable lifestyle brands and DIYers have taken their show on the road. Customizing portables at their workshops, portable meets and now from the comfort of the customer’s home. There really is no place to hide from these mod monsters, but who can blame them for offering their services. A lot of portable enthusiasts have been reaching out to have their set up upgraded. Customizing to meet their scratching needs and to match their style and personality (It’s all about personal branding nowadays).

Check out DJ A1 & DJ Idea on board fader mods after the jump.




The pricing on pimping out your PT can range – anywhere from a couple to hundreds of dollars. Questionable? Maybe worth it for those who may not be so hands on (*Ahem, like me) or for those who have no time to gather the parts and to work on it themselves. Personally I think it takes the fun out of the whole portablist experience. That adventure and adrenaline of potentially fucking up your overpriced belt drive table. Heart pumping over 160 bpms but it’s all worth it once you’ve completed the task. It could be one of those father and son weekend projects that lasts for years or could just pick up a dinner in a box and start cutting up fresh right away. All depending what you’re going after.

As mentioned before, there is a grip of talented people out there to help get your modding fix. Flesh One, Open Format LA, Jesse Dean Designs, DJ Focus, Shottadubz and DJ Idea are just a few to name. All providing you the kits and services to get your mod going.

I think it’s great that the resources are available to us and that the community is willing to help and share ideas to further this culture. PS – can someone help me with my ultrapitch?

Please leave a comment below on what mods that you’ve done, plan to do or want to see.

6 thoughts on “Portable Turntable Mods

  1. Anybody know if I can put a inno fader pro in a numark Pt01 scratch. I have a extra one and I’m waiting for the Pt01 to be released. Thx Byronic


  2. ….glad to see a rebirth of tablism….this is just the top of the iceberg. ..with kats like C.J and Flesh One and Thierry Pointing their sharp minds at this new branch in tablism,…these are some of the greatest leaps in our culture in a while as well as educating the next gen on the beauty of the skratch….God bless those who modd and God bless those who kutt.


  3. What’s the best needle for these things? The pt01 needle is ok but I want to transfer some vinyl to laptop and sound quality isn’t up to task with stick needle


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